My mom says I can design usable shit.

I’m Mahdi

I love watermelon, and I enjoy cooking food and user interfaces.


Stupid stuff that I was brave enough to share with the internet.

Designs from last night

A weird blog that I use to share my old embarrassing designs I’ve done in the past.

Eurotrip Photos

I moved to Rotterdam recently, and I decided to share the photos I take for people to use for free.

Substitutes finder

A place where you can find food substitutes. My wife wrote the Front & Back-End and I've designed the website.


Where I test ridiculous stuff.

Photoshop Simulator

You don't need to install that huge thing on your machine anymore.

Responsive ass

Just another one of those asses made from HTML & CSS only

Night Night

Calculate the best time to sleep like a boss.

Crazy Motherfu*ker

Just a small prank that you could try on an airplane at your own risk.

Magic 8 Ball Game

A super simple game I created while learning basic Javascript.

Rock Paper Scissors Game

Another stupid thing I created while learning basic Javascript.

My old website

Not so long time ago.


More stuff about this nut.

Stuff sane people would share

My résumé

The paper I send to companies to ask for a boring desk job (it's pretty old, I'll update it "Tomorrow").

My LinkedIn profile

The place where recruiters harasses me to accept a horribly-low-paid job.

Stuff I’d share

I’m a Nomad

I'm an American guy who's currently living and working in the beautiful Rotterdam. Previously, I lived and worked in Amman, Riyadh and Dubai.

I love poop jokes

Yeah you're right, I have a 10-year-old kid inside me.

I was fat


This is how I look now

Just in case you got scared from the previous picture.

I can play

Piano & Guitar, or actually pretend to know how to.

I'm married

To the most awesome girl in the universe.

I was a bookworm at the university

Finished my BA in Graphic Design in 3.5 years instead of 4.

I'm honored for getting the highest grades

That's my father (RIP 2014) in the picture hugging me. He couldn't believe it that day.

I look like a hipster


I love trying different things

Being bald is one of them.

I hate coffee

But I keep drinking it anyway since it's the only thing that helps me focus in my scary hipster moments.

I'm a good chef

Because I love food!

I love summer

The sun & the beach.

Places where you can stalk me


Where I write and share useful links and confess stupid things when I’m drunk.


I sometimes take photos of places I visit and most of the time it’s just retarded selfies.


Because sharing is caring you know.


You can email me about anything, like literally anything.

Hire me

You’re not gonna regret it, or maybe you will.

You’re brave. I respect that.

Currently accepting freelance projects for design and consultation.

Before you go. Fancy stuff I know

User interface design aka UI Design

I can use a computer. And I know how to draw stuff. I'm genius.

User experience design aka UX Design

My mom checks my designs and tells me if they're usable or not.

Realistic mobile prototypes

I like seeing stuff getting real before it actually becomes real.

I can write HTML, CSS & Javascript

Because I love building stuff.

Building space rockets

Dude, I'm not Elon Musk. But seriously you thought I can do that? Thank you.


Dude come on, I said bye.

Okay last time, bye.

Looks like you're enjoying this...

I'm going to tell you a story

About a boy

He fell from the roof

Luckily, he fell in the swimming pool

But there were some piranha's in it

Luckily, he's a quick swimmer

But he lost his arms last summer

Fu*k it. The kid died.

The end



Brazilian banana lover (of course), he's an awesome friend, honest and genius. He helped me with a lot of Front-end stuff.

João Cunha

Brazilian as well, (doesn't love banana's that much). He's my first real friend I had when I started working in Dubai. He's a Front-End master and super smart in socializing with people.

Álvaro Hurtado

Spanish friend, who works as a Back-End developer. He's the best guy to have lunch/dinner with because he appreciates food as much as I do, and also he's a great cook.

Ahmed El Gabri

Egyptian friend, Super geek. He helped me a lot while learning Javascript, CSS and Git, And recently I've asked Gabri a million questions in CSS and he never complained "yet". And yes, he one of the best Front-End developers I've ever known, and he got a great UX skills as well.

João Pacheco

Portuguese friend who's a great photographer, and really good at creating visual designs.

Juan Rios

Colombian friend who kept motivating me to finish this website. He's a great visual designer, and a cool father of 2 beautiful kids.

Kumail Hunaid

Pakistani friend who's a talented Front-End Developer, he got a couple of successful projects online that are fully developed and designed by him.

Mark James

Bri'ish friend (this is how they say it), who was once my boss which I used to hate, then he became a close friend. and he's a designer as well.

Pete Avey

Bri'ish friend as well, who's a really good freelance UX & UI Designer, I met him in Dubai and he was a gym junkie back then.

Ara Hayrabedian

Armenian/Lebanese friend with a big heart, great Back-End Developer and an amazing friend.

Michael Rurka

Canadian friend whom I met online and became something like pen pals real quick. Michael is also a smart talented designer with a badass coding skills.

Nijil David

Indian friend who's an awesome UX Designer, and always busy doing surveys.

Arjen van Reeven

Dutch friend, who's currently my direct manager, and surprisingly enough I don't hate him. Actually he's a great friend who always lends me his screwdrivers when I break something in my house.

Ali Abdullah

Iraqi friend, a brother from another mother, who's my childhoods best friend. He's a smart developer with a great twisted mind (just like mine).

Joe Richardson

British friend with a weird sense of humor (just like me), who's a good UI Developer, and occasionally takes weird photos of himself and posts them on his Instagram/Twitter.

Ashraf Samhouri

Jordanian friend, who was about to become a doctor & engineer and changed his mind at the last moment. He was born a genius and a great developer but still don't know what he wants to do for a living!

Pim Stoit

Dutch friend I met on Twitter and we became virtual-friends since then. He's cool and always tries to help people online with his geeky knowledge.

Leon Ephraïm

Dutch friend I met on Twitter as well, I attended a dribbble meetup he was co-hosting and he hates me since then.

Sarah Newman

American Girl, I don't think we're friends (yet). She found my website on Designer News and took some of her time to find all the spelling/grammar mistakes and posted them online to embarrass me. JK, Sarah is awesome, she helped me a lot with her sharp eyes. And yeah Sarah a cool designer as well.

Toufic Gebran

Lebanese friend, Whom I met online long time ago, I actually don't remember how, but since the day we met we've became close friends. Toufic works as TV Host & Senior Producer. And till today we've never met as he lives in Washington,DC.

Pablo Massa

Uruguayan friend, A cool designer who sent me an email commenting on the website, and he also reported a small design issue in the website and suggested a solution for it.

Built on a Saturday night, because fuck my social life this shit is more important.