Mahdi Farra

A product and UX design lead with over 14 years of experience building thoughtful and engaging products across the world.

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Case Studies

Aug 17, 2018
CollegeVine Sessions Scheduling System
Designing a scheduling system
The full process of designing a scheduling system for CollegeVine.
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Product & UX
10 minutes
Feb 20, 2016
Video walkie talkie specs
Designing a Video Walkie Talkie
How I thought I was designing something totally new, and how I was so wrong about that.
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Interaction Design
10 minutes

Side Projects

Gif Banana Logo
Gif Banana
A fun app to create easily shareable interactive gif quizzes!
Create Quiz!
Gif Banana desktop screenshot
Gif Banana mobile screenshot
Goal Flag Icon
Vue.js First time using Vuejs to build an entire website.
Vertical Boxes Icon
Database & Storage First time using Firebase for the database & file storage.
Animated Circles Icon
Smooth UI Super fluid UI crafted with a lot of attention to details with beautiful micro-interactions.
Star Icon
+140 votes on PH Loved by a ton of people and over 140 voted for the app on PH.
New Years Card Maker Logo
New Years Card Maker
A web app to make your own new years greeting card that can be easily saved as an image and shared anywhere.
Happy New Year!
New Years Card Maker desktop screenshot
New Years Card Maker mobile screenshot
Code Boxes Icon
DOM to Image First time trying to generate an image from a web page.
Animated Circles Icon
Advanced CSS Animation Tiny interactions and animations made with lots of love and attention to details.
Vertical Boxes Icon
Gulp JS + Netlify Improved front-end workflow, and used Netlify for the first time.
Star Icon
Sexy Design From typography, color choices, to a unique button style.
Fart Attack
A Chrome extension to make every link & button fart on click/hover.
Fart Attack desktop screenshot
Fart Attack mobile screenshot
User Icon
+700 Active Users Most of them are probably unaware that it's installed in their browser.
Trash Can Icon
Most Uninstalled People usually uninstall the extension as soon as they discover they've been pranked.
Hand Crafted Icon
Hand Crafted Sounds Fart sounds used in the extension are hand/butt crafted with great attention to details.
Star Icon
+333 Votes on PH "This definitely needs a nomination for this year's Golden Kitty "WTF" award. 👏🏼" —Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt)
Tap Tap Tap
Open source tapping game built with Javascript.
Tap Tap Tap!
TapTapTap desktop screenshot
TapTapTap mobile screenshot
Star Icon
117 Stars And 13 forks on GitHub
Animated Circles Icon
Sophisticated Interaction Design Including animation and sound effects
Code Boxes Icon
Pure Javascript No external libraries were used
Calendar Icon
Six Months To complete the design, development and user testing
Crypotcurrency Prices by Market Capitalization.
Cointrace desktop screenshot
Cointrace mobile screenshot
Person Icon
Personal Need Created this website because none of the existing websites offers a simple way to look at the prices
Sleep Icon
Weekend Project Designed, developed and launched it in one weekend!
Vertical Boxes Icon
API Learned how to make API calls in pure Javascript
Box with Circle Inside — Minimal Icon
Minimal Clean design without distractions
Loud Links Logo
Loud Links
A simple tiny Javascript library to add interaction sounds to your website.
loud link desktop screenshot
loud link mobile screenshot
Star Icon
706 Stars And 62 forks on GitHub
Boxes — Simplified Process Icon
Simplified Process There wasn’t an easy way to add sounds to a webpage before
Goal Flag Icon
First Opensource Project This was the first my first opensource project, and also my first Javascript library
Vertical Boxes Tiny Size Icon
Tiny Size The whole library is ~1.5KB!

UI Samples


Where I've worked

Lead Product Designer, Web
🇺🇸 USA — San Francisco, CA
Sr. UX Designer
🇺🇸 USA — San Mateo, CA
Design Lead
🇺🇸 USA — Bay Area, CA & Cambridge, MA
Senior Product Designer
🇳🇱 The Netherlands & 🇨🇭 Switzerland
​Senior UX & UI Designer
🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE


Design / Code Illustration

I'm a Hybrid Designer

I’m a well-experienced product and experience designer who enjoys writing front-end code.

Design and creating things is a passion of mine, and throughout the years working around the world, I was always curious and hungry to learn more, and I often spend my evenings and weekends learning new skills and technologies.

Technical Skills

Visual Design, Wireframing, Prototyping & Interaction Design
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Sketch Logo
InVision Logo
Principle App Logo
Framer Logo
Zeplin Logo
Javascript Logo
Vue.js Logo
Gulp Logo
CSS Logo
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Git Logo
Illustrations, Video & Photo Editing
Adobe Photoshop Logo
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator Logo
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects Logo
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro Logo
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Lightroom Logo
Adobe Lightroom

Product Design Process

Understand the Problem
Brainstorm Ideas & Solutions
Validate, Gather Feedback & Iterate
Measure & Repeat

Countries I've Lived in

4 Countries — 3 Continents

North America
Bay Area, CA — USA
San Francisco, California
Boston, MA — USA
Boston, Massachusetts
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan


Miriam de Groot - Veronesi
Miriam de Groot - Veronesi
CEO at NGTI (a Swisscom subsidiary)

Mahdi is a multi-talented designer who is not only an expert UX/UI designer with strong product thinking skills but also a great front-end developer.

He's also very passionate about his work and dedicates a lot of his free time to learn new skills and technologies, in which he regularly shares with his team.

Mahdi is a great team player and strong leader, he's a strategic thinker, a good planner with great business knowledge.

João Pacheco
João Pacheco
Senior Product Designer at Dashlane

I can say that Mahdi is one of the most talented and fun designers that I have the chance to work with.

He will never leave the office without making you laugh. He's a very outgoing person but when it comes to work he's very focused and he's always trying to push himself to learn more and more.

He's always available to listen and he's the kind of person that will always take your opinion in consideration. I would definitely recommend the world in general to bring more people like Mahdi, it will for sure be a better place.

Ahmad El Gabri
Ahmad El Gabri
Tech Lead, Platform at Miro

Mahdi is an excellent detail-oriented designer, he really understands the medium he designs for whether it's web or mobile.

What is special about Mahdi that he likes to learn and read other stuff that might affect his designs, like front-end technologies/languages and never gets tired of improving his designs and asking for feedback. Not to mention his amazing sense of humour.

João Cunha
João Cunha
Product Manager at Nubank

Mahdi's crazy personality is probably his most important asset: it makes him think out of the box and come up with really unexpected solutions for design problems the team struggles with.

The fact that he is also good with front-end engineering makes him a very well-rounded UI/UXer who understands usability and performance implications. His craft looks good and also works well.

He is a great colleague-turned-friend who is always there to help and a great teamplayer. I had a joyful time working with him at Dubizzle and I hope to work with him again in the future.


I usually get back to emails in less than 24 hours

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