User interface & experience designer who enjoys doing rapid prototypes and testing user interactions

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I’m Mahdi, a user experience and visual designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With over 8 years of experience, I've worked with some of the best brands in the world.

This is how you pronounce my name, if you were wondering.

I Love Solving Problems

With design, I get to do that. I’ve done a ton of prototypes and user tests for different products and learned a lot from that.


I’ve been an art director once and managed small teams of designers twice.

Dirty Hands

Was never afraid of getting my hands dirty by trying new stuff in design or code for websites/mobile apps, and always learning and trying to develop myself by doing stupid projects using HTML/CSS & Javascript.

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Work Process


Reading the brief and collecting the data necessary to creating mind maps and user flows.


Creating wireframes and creating mockups for the app/website.


Rapid prototypes to test the wireframes and user flows.


Testing prototypges with real users to answer all kind of hypotheses.


Editing the user experience according to test results and then testing it again.


Launching the product with A/B tests to make sure we’ve made the right decisions.