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From my early days, I had a strong inclination towards design, and I started my career in this field at a surprisingly young age—At just 14 years old, I landed my first client, laying the foundation for what would become an exciting journey.

My fascination with digital products and their potential to solve everyday problems and improve lives has been the driving force behind my passion. As I nurtured this enthusiasm, I sought opportunities worldwide to design and build high-performing, impactful solutions.

The blend of my love for design from an early age and my curiosity about coding and how things work propelled me to explore diverse avenues in crafting impactful digital products.

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Career & Leadership Journey

As my career evolved, I didn't stop at being a designer; I took on new challenges and transitioned into leading roles, focusing on building and growing highly skilled teams. Creating a thriving work culture and upholding shared values has been a pivotal part of my journey.

This story of mine, from a young and ambitious designer to a visionary leader, demonstrates my commitment, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. I'm passionate about crafting transformative experiences and leaving a lasting mark in the digital product development landscape.

As the chapters of my journey continue to unfold, I am excited about the opportunities ahead, where I can push boundaries, create meaningful solutions, and make a positive impact on the world through design and technology. The best is yet to come, and I eagerly look forward to what the future holds.

Where I’ve lived

Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan
Birth - 2013
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
2013 - 2014
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2014 - 2016
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
2016 - 2018
Bay Area, CA
Bay Area, CA
2018 - Present

Coding Experience

Apart from my love for design, I've got a real passion for programming and writing code. Coding gives me the power to transform my ideas into reality and allows me to approach problem-solving in unique ways.

During my weekends, I enjoy diving into new coding skills, working on small side projects and experiments to put my learning into action. My experience spans several years in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and I've had the opportunity to work with popular frameworks like Vue JS and React JS.

Knowing how to code has actually enhanced my abilities as a designer. It's given me valuable insights into the limitations of different platforms, allowing me to design with implementation in mind. Additionally, it has improved my communication with engineering colleagues, making our collaboration more effective.

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Books & Podcasts

Podcasts and audiobooks have been absolute lifesavers for me, especially during those long commutes we all remember so well! Nowadays, I've found even more ways to enjoy them, like tuning in while working out, taking a refreshing afternoon walk to soak up some vitamin D, and even when I'm tackling the dishes!

What's fantastic about podcasts is that there's something for everyone! I love exploring various topics, ranging from internet security and business to science and thrilling stories. It's not just entertaining but has also rekindled my old passions while introducing me to new ones.

As for audiobooks, they've become my go-to for business, entrepreneurship, motivation, and anything that helps me enhance my workflow and thinking process. Being a slow reader, audiobooks have been a game-changer, allowing me to learn at lightning speed (⚡️ I always listen at 1.5-2x speed) and expand my knowledge horizons. It's been a truly invaluable solution for my learning journey!


I'm really into sketching and drawing cartoons whenever I have some free time – it's been my passion since I was a kid! Besides that, I love strumming on my guitar and tinkling the keys on my piano. Music is my go-to when I need a breather from tough challenges and want to come back with fresh ideas.

Photography is another hobby close to my heart. Capturing special moments and creating lasting memories through photos brings me so much joy. Recently, I've taken a liking to working out, which helps me unwind, reflect on life, and enjoy some awesome podcasts.

Aside from all these fun hobbies, I'm also big on hiking and exploring different cuisines. Cooking up delicious meals is a favorite pastime of mine – it's both enjoyable and rewarding. All in all, I'm constantly on the lookout for exciting ways to make the most out of my free time and have a blast!

Mahdi farra playing electric guitar
A few sketches from my iPad.
Took this in my last trip to Venice, Italy