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5 Common Product Mistakes to Avoid

I've spent 15+ years building products, and guess what? The learning never stops 🙃 – and I love it! Here are 5 common product mistakes to avoid, ones I wish I had known about earlier in my career

August 29, 2023
1 min read

1: Designing features without getting input from customers

User input & feedback is essential for shaping your idea.

2: Crafting specialized features for a small user group

While their positive feedback feels great, remember to aim for the larger audience's needs, not just this select few.

3: Holding off on launching your feature until it's flawless

The sooner you release, the sooner you can gather user input and feedback to shape something they truly desire.

4: Holding off on charging for your product

Asking users to pay is actually a great way to validate your product and find that perfect product-market fit.

5: Skipping out on tracking how your product or feature is doing

Keeping an eye on its performance and recognizing areas for improvement are vital steps in making it even better.

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