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3 Tips for Building Strong Design Teams

Building a strong product design team isn't a walk in the park, and over the years, I've found it quite challenging to find the right people 😶 That said, here are 3 tips for finding great candidates for your team

September 2, 2023
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1: Hire Generalists

Generalist designers are naturally curious and open to learning new things, which can lead to creative solutions. Moreover, this approach provides you and your team with greater flexibility in assigning responsibilities.

2: Hire Designers to Replace You

Don't hesitate to bring in individuals who excel beyond your own abilities. Doing so benefits not only the company but also yourself. These talented hires will undoubtedly bring valuable skills and lessons to everyone on the team including you, all while contributing to the company's growth and the development of superior products.

3: Hire For Potential

Placing excessive emphasis on a designer's experience could restrict your pool of potential hires, causing you to overlook exceptional designers who possess untapped potential. Always seek out curious designers, those who enjoy experimentation, and those who ask insightful questions.

During my time at Ronday, I consistently pursued this approach by collaborating with exceptional generalist designers, each with their unique super powers. They excelled in areas where I might not have been as skilled, and I wholeheartedly embraced it because I hired them to create an outstanding product and learn from their expertise.

I also want to give a big shoutout to our awesome designers: Chris Tung, our UX and Web3 expert; Emily Richard, our visual designer and design system lead with exceptional prototyping skills; James Alley, our versatile designer who codes and transforms visuals into functional UIs; and Aidan Kidder-Wolff, our outstanding user researcher who knows how to ask the right questions to gather the information we need.

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